1508160509Virtual sessions save time and are practical.

There are many reasons to use virtual sessions these days. You need to travel and don’t want to miss your session, are working remotely, have a last-minute schedule change, childcare, have health or family issues that keep you at home, or you are not currently in NYC.

Virtual sessions are most effective in a private room, office, or car with a good Internet connection.

Many clients find telehealth easy, giving them more time and flexibility in their schedules. They don’t need to miss or skip sessions due to work, travel, traffic, or transportation delays. They feel more in control of the process and appreciate they can feel safe and secure in their own personal space.

And if a bunch of feelings comes up in our session, they don’t have to go out in public with a tear-stained face feeling very vulnerable.

You are so busy.

So, you’ve decided you are ready to commit to and invest in therapy, but you start thinking about how busy your schedule is.

You are so busy you cannot get five minutes alone to yourself to breathe and definitely can’t make time to travel to and from a therapy office.

Online therapy is the answer.

Telehealth Img 2How do telehealth sessions work?

If we decide we are a good fit and you want to do an initial session, I will send you an email to my HIPPA-compliant link for our scheduled session. I usually send it the evening or morning before our session.

You will only need a few things. First, you need a good and reliable Internet connection, especially if you are in a car or somewhere outside. Second, you can use a smartphone, desktop computer, laptop, or tablet with WiFi capability.

Third, please find a safe and secure space that is private and where you won’t be interrupted. Make sure that this place allows you to feel safe speaking freely. If the connection goes out for any reason, we can always switch to another platform or the phone.

Don’t worry if you are not tech savvy; I’m not, but I’ve figured it out. We can make it work together!

Also, the virtual dress code is casual, and all pets are welcome, especially cute dogs!

Don’t use your excuses anymore. Let’s chat to see if I can help you.