About Susan…

Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Core Energetics Practitioner

Susan Pollack PsychotherapistMy approach to psychotherapy is holistic. This means I work with the entire person, in an integrative fashion, not just from the neck up. I work with the body, mind and spirit. I combine my Master’s level training in clinical and psychodynamic Social Work, Core Energetics body-centered therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Buddhist philosophy and Mindfulness training.

Beyond Talk Therapy

My own journey began with the desire to go beyond talk therapy and bring a deeper consciousness and understanding to my own life. I have a passion to help empower others and bring more awareness to their lives and their struggles.

My Background

I have worked in this field for almost 14 years now. I received my Master’s in Social Work from NYU’s Silver School of Social Work in 2000 and Certification as a Core Energetics Practitioner in 2003. Before that, I worked for eight years as a psychiatric social worker in mental health clinics and residential settings in Brooklyn. I worked with mentally ill adults and their children and people with addiction issues.  I have also worked with the geriatric population, Alzheimer patients and their caregivers. I taught on the faculty of the Institute of Core Energetics I currently maintain my own full-time private practice in Manhattan and Brooklyn working with individuals, couples and groups.

I have been practicing Vipassana meditation (meditation that focuses on the breath) for almost 20 years now and have sat on numerous silent retreats. I have also  trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and at the American Institute for Cognitive Therapy in New York City. I also studied with Ann Bradney in her Radical Aliveness leadership training program.

“The old skin has to shed before the new one can come.”

—Joseph Campbell