Individual Therapy

271088966What keeps you up at night or feeling stuck?

Individual therapy helps address what is bothering you. Working individually with a therapist is about finding solutions for feeling immobilized, anxious and depressed, and challenged in your relationships.

Some seek individual therapy because they feel stuck in a lifeless career or job, are chronically single, and are often unhappy.

Individual therapy aims to help you get past your worries, feel better, and return to the real you.

Individual therapy helps you uncover your true self.

People seek individual therapy for many reasons. Some people express worries about why they don’t enjoy their life even though they have so much. Other individuals worry about lack of happiness, relationship problems, siblings’ struggles, or not being heard.

Other issues that individual therapy helps address are prioritizing thinking over feeling, listening to the voices of others over your own, feeling anxious about messing up on the latest project and not getting promoted, judging oneself and others, struggling to speak up for yourself, and feeling unlovable and not good enough.

Perhaps, you don’t like your circumstances and have tried hard to change things, but nothing seems to work, or you feel hopeless about the future and worry about improving it. Life may feel constricted, making you feel isolated and alone, but you need more community in your life and people to talk to about how you feel.

Individual therapy helps you get out of your head and into your feelings, allowing you to gain insight into your true self.

1916666474What would it be like if you could leave your worries behind?

You don’t have to live with chronic stress and exhaustion, anxiety and depression, and old trauma that keeps resurfacing. You don’t have to be alone with this.

You don’t have to suffer from relationship issues, toxic interactions, or narcissistic abuse.

Bring awareness to negative thinking patterns and bring in consciousness by connecting your body with your mind.

Connect with your inner knowing, heal shame in the presence of another, and learn to trust yourself. Leaving those worries behind is what I offer when we work together on your unique problems.

Contact me today so we can plan how to address what is keeping you stuck.