Core Energetics

1231571020What is Core Energetics?

Core Energetics is a body-centered technique that examines a person from a holistic perspective, including the body, mind, and spirit. It is a combination of psychotherapy, movement, and spiritual development.

Here’s how a session might go.

A person comes in with an issue around wanting to make a career change or feeling stuck about dating and being unable to find a partner. No matter how hard they try, they cannot figure out what keeps getting in the way of achieving these things.

They come to my office, and I will direct them to take off their shoes and actively move around. We might do grounding exercises, like stomping or actively hitting a soft cube or pillows, while making sounds and connecting to their breath.

And while doing this, I will direct them to stay connected to their body and notice their experiences.

160351601It’s about making a holistic connection.

Often, unconscious emotions (like anger, fear, or sadness) or memories can come up and be released. The belief is that energetic movement can help bring out the feelings and memories held in the body.

In Core Energetics, the belief is we hold our feelings in our physical body. And by getting out of our heads and intellect, we can start to feel ourselves and connect to ourselves on a deeper level. We can connect with our inner knowing and truth.

Through moving the energy in our bodies, we can start to chip away at old patterns of thinking that keep us stuck and not moving forward. At the end of a session, people often report feeling more grounded, clear, present, alive, and energetic.

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