Anxiety and Depression

1924895555Depression and anxiety are everyday human experiences.

Most people will experience some form of depression or anxiety. Sometimes, the experience is short-lived, but it may become a more chronic condition for others.

Unconscious negative thinking often fuels depression and anxiety, and current events might trigger feelings of depression and anxiety.

Problems arise when depression or anxiety persists, creating emotional and physical upheaval.

Depression has many causes.

Depression can result from anger and emotions that become repressed and turned inward.

Some people suffer depression in response to abuse in their early lives that becomes expressed later. Aging can bring on depression, especially if linked to physical problems or loneliness.

Losing those you love can create grief and depression. Even divorce or some other transition in life can create stress as one wonders about the future.

715074877 1Depression can have physical and emotional impacts.

Being depressed can cause feelings of profound sadness, worthlessness, or excessive or inappropriate guilt.

Those in a depressed state can feel hopelessness, frustration, or anger. Depression might cause you to withdraw from social activities and those you love or lose interest in activities that once gave you pleasure.

Suicidal ideation or wishing one was not alive can result from prolonged depression.

Physically, you can express a lack of energy or motivation and experience changes in appetite or sleep patterns.

Anxiety can become uncontrollable.

Anxiety is often a manifestation of repressed feelings such as fear, anger, and difficulty being in the present moment.

Anxiety ranges in types, from social anxiety and generalized anxiety to panic attacks. Most addictions originate from anxiety. People often need to self-medicate to avoid or deny overwhelming emotions caused by anxiety.

The causes of anxiety can be both external and internal. Stress from life experiences, trauma from a death or near-death experience, illness, fear of public settings, and other factors can create anxiety.

Some people have fears that create uncontrollable feelings of being on edge, worrying, restlessness, and difficulty sleeping.

1823140604Symptoms of anxiety can include a variety of feelings.

Constant worrying, nervousness, or hypervigilance are symptomatic of anxiety.

Those with anxiety can overanalyze every situation or become obsessive in their thinking. Being constantly preoccupied with the future or the past can impact what’s happening now.

Anxiety can illicit feeling overwhelmed, making it difficult to pay attention, be present, or remember things.

Overcoming depression and anxiety is not always easy.

Some depression and anxiety will fade over time, but persistent depression and anxiety require professional help. Providing help is where I come into the picture.

We will work together to identify what life events and situations are at the root of your depression or anxiety. Then, we will use methods to help you process how you feel and learn how to control those feelings.

While working with me, you will experience understanding as we develop strategies to help you deal effectively with your depression or anxiety.

Don’t let depression or anxiety rule your life.

Contact me, so we can start making life easier – and free from depression and anxiety.