Career Change

1166657182What do you want to do with this one precious life?

I have had many clients come to me who want to work on changing their career or line of work. Often, they have no idea what it is they want to do.

They only know they are unhappy, and what they currently do isn’t cutting it for them anymore. Here are some examples.

Steve*, a practicing attorney, was dissatisfied with working at the law firm. He said, “When I enter the office, my skin starts to break out. Something must change, but I don’t know where to start.” We worked through Steve’s interests, allowing him to make the transition to work in real estate. He also has other ideas, including writing, theatre, and becoming a small business consultant. Now, he is working toward integrating them all into his life.

Barbara* came to me after many years as a consultant. She wanted something different in her life because her job was unrewarding. After working through what she wanted from a career and evaluating her strengths and talents, she decided to become a personal coach. Now, Barbara has a thriving coaching practice.

I am no stranger to career changes.

I have been down that same road and taken the journey you contemplate. I enjoy sharing my process of helping others figure out how to get there.

After ten years of working as a textile designer and artist in the fashion and home furnishings industry, although I will always love art and design, I started to feel like I didn’t care what color or design look was “in” anymore.

I decided to return to school and get my Master’s degree in Social Work to become a psychotherapist. It wasn’t something I initially knew I wanted to do, and it came to me from doing personal therapy, meditation, and a lot of journaling.

Ultimately, making that decision and changing required getting quiet and going inside myself. Therapy helped me figure it out, but taking the final step was something I had to do by myself. I have never regretted making that decision.

739797655Let’s figure this out together.

Therapy helps make the unconscious conscious.

I am happy to share resources and help you dive deep into whatever keeps blocking you from discovering your many gifts and options in making the right career change for you.

You will receive the support and help you need to move your unconscious negative beliefs, energy, or whatever is standing in your way from making this happen. Steve and Barbara are great examples of what can happen, and I have seen that same change happen with many clients who never thought they could do it over the years.

I know you can do it, too! Let’s start a conversation about your career change.

*Names and stories are composite narratives and do not reflect actual clients.