Creating Romantic Relationships

125890565“All the good men are taken.”

Rachel* came from a family cut off from their feelings and often judgmental of others. They also abandoned Rachel emotionally. She learned to be critical of herself and others, and when she came to me, she struggled with intimate relationships.

Rachel had a pattern of attracting demanding men who were emotionally abusive at times. She had lost her voice to speak up for herself and was an expert at recreating the emotional abandonment of her family through the men she dated. Rachel came to my office when she finally decided to seek help for this issue.

The work began…

Together, we brought awareness to her past trauma and helped her connect to her real feelings. She became better at listening to herself and recognizing the red flags associated with the men that were not right for her. And she got increasingly better at speaking up for herself.

She had to break up with several Mr. Wrongs and keep a belief that she would meet someone eventually. About six months ago, she met James*, and things continue to go consistently well this time.

Although they have disagreements at times, they can always work through them.

1061053196Create the right relationship.

Some people struggle while searching for the right person for a lifetime. No matter how hard they try, they feel it is impossible. Others remain stuck in unhappy relationships and feel lost about how to make it work.

We often act unconsciously from negative relationship patterns created in childhood and modeled for us by our family.

Being in love can fill us with joy and make us feel alive and connected. It also can bring up our deepest fears. We are vulnerable to being hurt by the person we love. By attempting to protect ourselves, we have developed powerful defenses that keep us alone, despite our longing for a partner.

Together, we can help you learn to access the fears and unconscious patterns that prevent you from opening your heart and manifesting the loving relationship you have been wanting.

*Names and stories are a composite narrative and do not reflect particular clients.