“Are You Still Watching?”

Even Your Netflix Is Worried About You’re Being Single

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You thought you’d be in a relationship by now.

Weekends are the hardest because you have too much time alone.

Going on dates and being disappointed has become a second job.

“Is it me?” “Why can’t I find love?”

Your self-esteem has taken a beating, and you’re beginning to worry if something is wrong with you.

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

Another friend just got engaged. Yay.

How do your friends always find the ‘good ones’?

Meanwhile, you’re out at the same handroll date spot enough that they know your order on sight.

You can feel yourself withdrawing as you expect disappointment with each person you meet.

It’s time to step back and listen to your soul.

There’s more going on than simply finding Mr. Right.

You’re here because there are unconscious patterns that are sabotaging your chances of connection.

In a supportive atmosphere, we’ll dig into what’s keeping you from finding the love you deserve.

We’ll explore your relationship history and the unconscious beliefs you’ve internalized.

Find your best relationship!

Learn to listen to your instincts and save time being wasted on people who don’t value you.

Speak up and make your needs and value known.

Recognize red flags simply and clearly, while creating solid boundaries for yourself by saying ‘NO!’

We’ll rebuild how you enter relationships by returning to your childhood attachments.

Feel the joy and life of the loving connection.

We’ll use cognitive behavioral therapy to address the unconscious patterns that keep you alone.

With Core Energetics, we’ll bring awareness to the fears preventing you from opening your heart.

Don’t lose any more time worrying and feeling bad about yourself.

Give yourself the support to manifest the loving relationship of your dreams.

Begin your journey to love today.

There is a prosperous, beautiful future ahead for you.

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