Core Energetics and Internal Family Systems

Integrating the mind, body, and spirit, core energetics is a form of therapeutic work that leads to self discovery and transformation.

Core Energetics is a deep and powerful therapeutic process which examines a person from a holistic perspective. It integrates the body, mind and spirit. It is a rewarding form of therapeutic work that leads to self discovery and transformation. It takes place in an environment where the client feels supported and free to work and explore at a comfortable pace.

Core Energetics Therapy NYC Flatiron District

In traditional talk therapy, one tends to analyze what one is feeling or thinking. Core Energetics brings together feelings and consciousness using the body’s energy. Furthermore, work with the body facilitates the release of emotional blocks, defensive postures and self-destructive belief systems, so that the energies of the body can flow more freely, creating greater life fulfillment for the individual. The aim of Core Energetics is to help individuals and groups transform energetic obstacles which block one’s true nature and authenticity. In exploring one’s authentic self, one connects with the source of all healing, wisdom and creativity. Because the Core Energetic approach offers a dynamic way of experiencing your issues and conflicts, as opposed to only talking about them, people often experience noticeable progress more quickly.

I am also a Level 2 Internal Family Systems Practitioner. IFS is a practice in which I lead the client to understand and identify different parts of themselves that are causing them emotional pain and suffering.

Movement and Breath

Core Energetics therapy employs breathing and movement to explore the emotional impact of our life experience. Some examples of energetic movement include, the physicalization of emotion causing the muscles to vibrate and energy to flow. Gentle energetic work is also practiced such as breath work or making slow movements.

All of the exercises are tailored to the individual client. We do these movements because the body has learned overtime, to maintain chronic postures in reaction to defending and protecting ourselves in childhood. As children we often discovered, that our feelings were too much for others and so we learned to hold in many of our real feelings and desires. Therefore, in Core Energetics therapy, the therapist encourages the client to experiment with physical movement in order to bypass the holding patterns established since birth.

“There is little sense in attempting to change external conditions, you must first change inner beliefs, then outer conditions will change accordingly.” – Brian Adams