Change Your Unconscious Patterns of Anxiety

You can live a bigger life than you think.

Body-Centered Therapy in New York City and throughout New York State

Anxiety and depression are holding you back from living.

Dating feels so scary, but you are tired of being alone.

Yes, you can have more friends.

Yes, you can get a new job.

You can’t focus because of the intense anxiety you feel each morning that stays with you all day.

Your work stress is never-ending.

The voice of anxiety is constantly in your head, saying, “You’re an impostor.”

This negative loop in your head has cut down your confidence day after day.

At night you find yourself worrying about what others must think of you.

You’re so sick of living like a shell of your former self.

Don’t tackle anxiety alone.

In a safe space, we’ll delve into the events at the root of your depression or anxiety.

Core Energetics allows you, through certain active exercises, to get out of your head and into some real feelings.

Connect with your body and not your head. Your body will guide you better.

If we find memory sabotages your present, we will use EMDR to help your brain process old memories and associations holding you back.

Feeling grounded and calm can be your birthright, too.

Through our work, you will learn how to center yourself to enjoy social activities again.

Regaining your confidence in moving through life will help you create community.

Life doesn’t have to be so hard, nor lived isolated.

Don’t spend even one more day suffering like this.

Even when it seems hopeless, there is a way through.

I’ve helped people like you move from depression to joy for many years.

And I can help you, too.

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